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Runes Of Magic - Online - Game Server Status
Runes Of Magic Server Status

  Server Avg. Ping Last Status Change
Main Login 58.2 ms49h 8m ago
Govinda Login 58.7 ms49h 8m ago
Govinda Servers 50.5 ms49h 8m ago
Grimdal Login OFFLINE2241h 0m ago
Grimdal Servers OFFLINE2241h 0m ago
Indigo Login OFFLINE2121h 21m ago
Indigo Servers OFFLINE2121h 21m ago
Osha Login OFFLINE2240h 59m ago
Osha Servers OFFLINE2240h 59m ago
Palenque Login OFFLINE5707h 31m ago
Palenque Servers OFFLINE5707h 19m ago
Reni Login OFFLINE2288h 43m ago
Reni Servers OFFLINE2288h 43m ago

Last Updated: Feb 13th, 2016 @ 12:00pm EST